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7 Easy Fitness Tricks To Do At Work or On the Road

In the trade show and events business, the hours tend to be long and the travel frequent. Which can make finding the time for staying in shape extra-challenging. So here are seven simple ways to help us keep fit in the office and on the road:

#1. Count your steps If you have an iPhone, the included Health app will keep track of how active you are, or you can buy a Fitbit to do the same thing. Though there’s been some talk recently about these methods not being perfectly accurate, counting steps provides a lot of encouragement to move more and is absolutely worth doing.    

#2. Take a “power lunch”  Whether it’s a stroll, jog or flat-out run, nothing beats getting out and adding some heart-pumping action to the middle of the day. If you’re swamped, consider eating while you work to make up for the “lost” time. Or if you have a conference call, plug in your headphones and walk while you talk.

#3. Hit the hotel gym  Don’t let your exercise routine fall apart just because you’re traveling. Machines, free weights and mat exercises are all waiting for you in the hotel gym—if you just remember to pack your workout clothes!

#4. Tone your arms  Pick up the heaviest book you have in your office. Hold it behind your head and then extend your arms up. Lower it back down and repeat. Feels great and it’s just one of many upper body exercises you can do right at your desk.

#5. Work out at the airport  Next time your flight gets delayed, you may want to check into an airport fitness facility. An increasing number of airports have them, including—conveniently enough for all of us—Las Vegas’s very own McCarran International Airport.

#6. Jog in place  Put down that trade show schedule, stand up and move. You can stretch, wave your arms or even run in place. A minute is all it takes several times per day and if you work in an open area you can always find a vacant office or conference room to do it. Here’s a list of other quick moves.

#7. Uncross your legs  Though it’s not an exercise, many heart doctors strongly recommend this because long trips on airplanes with your legs crossed can lead to blood clots. The urge to cross them is a habit you can easily break with a little practice.

The truth is, there’s no schedule intense enough to prevent us from keeping fit if we just make up our minds to do it. So come on, all you hardworking trade show and event managers out there—let’s keep moving. And remember, every time you smile it burns calories!


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